🎉 Announcing our $3.2M Seed Round!

Today, I am super proud to announce Xeol has closed a $3.2M seed round led by Shield Capital with participation from Y Combinator and 468 Capital.

Why Now?

Companies are increasingly relying on open source projects to build their product. This allows for fast improvements without re-inventing the wheel but exposes a new attack surface. What if these open source projects are vulnerable themselves?

Vulnerabilities come in different forms and we are starting with end-of-life. End-of-life means a software will no longer receive security patches from their publishers. Attackers gain access through phishing then look to exploit these unpatched software. We help security engineers identify their end-of-life exposure then manage these risks to reduce this attack surface.

What's Next?

Managing end-of-life dependencies is just one aspect of the broader software supply chain risks. The capital we raised enables us to expand to the broader software supply chain lifecycle which includes how software is built in CI/CD and deployed to a production environment. Our ultimate goal is to help enterprises and the public sector secure their software from code to deploy.

Thank you to our customers who trusts us with a part of their security posture. Thank you to our investors who believes in our vision. We look forward to building Xeol with you.