Positioning library for floating elements: tooltips, popovers, dropdowns, and more

No deprecated versions
Latest version published 4 months ago
1.6.0Jan 26, 2024
1.5.3Jan 6, 2024
1.5.2Dec 6, 2023
1.5.1Nov 30, 2023
1.5.0Sep 15, 2023
1.4.2Sep 14, 2023
1.4.1Jul 30, 2023
1.4.0Jul 28, 2023
1.3.1Jun 17, 2023
1.3.0Jun 11, 2023

Last updated on 29 January-2024, at 21:13 (UTC).

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No description available for this package.


> Is @floating-ui/core Deprecated?

No, there are no deprecated versions of @floating-ui/core.

> What is the deprecation date for the latest version of @floating-ui/core?

The latest version of @floating-ui/core was released on Jan 26, 2024, and it is not deprecated.

> What does deprecated mean?

Deprecated means that the package was either marked as deprecated on the package registry, or that the source code repository for the package was archived.