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Latest version published over 7 years ago
1.0.2Mar 24, 2017
Nov 7, 2019
over 4 years ago

Last updated on 19 January-2024, at 00:08 (UTC).

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Add extension method for ExceptionManager to support exception handling in async actions and functions. public static async Task<TResult>ProcessAsync<TResult>(this ExceptionManager exceptionManager, string policyName, Func<Task<TResult>> action, TResult defaultValue) public static async Task ProcessAsync(this ExceptionManager exceptionManager, string policyName, Func<Task> action) Add "ExceptionPolicyDefinitionFactory" class which is able to create default "ExceptionPolicyDefinition" for implementing exception shielding for component and support customization of it. 1. rethrow all exceptions derived from component base exception <typeparamref name="TBaseException"/> 2. rethrow <see cref="OperationCanceledException"/> 3. wrap generic exceptions to component specific exception <typeparamref name="TBaseException"/>


> Is EntLibExtensions.ExceptionHandling Deprecated?

It appears there are some versions of EntLibExtensions.ExceptionHandling that are deprecated.

> What is the deprecation date for the latest version of EntLibExtensions.ExceptionHandling?

The latest version of EntLibExtensions.ExceptionHandling was released on Mar 24, 2017, and it is now deprecated.

> What does deprecated mean?

Deprecated means that the package was either marked as deprecated on the package registry, or that the source code repository for the package was archived.