Real-time API uses fuzzy logic in combination with phone, email, address and IP address to confirm or correct country Ensure your business is complying with global data protection laws

Latest version published over 5 years ago
1.0.0Dec 5, 2018
Aug 19, 2023
11 months ago

Last updated on 19 January-2024, at 02:43 (UTC).

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Our DOTS Address Detective - International API instantly identifies and corrects the country in your contact records. Leveraging hundreds of authoritative data sources, Address Detective - International performs a multi-point cross-comparison on a contact’s name, address, phone, email and IP address. The service also provides an overall quality score to help determine the accuracy rate. Address Detective - International helps businesses more effectively localize sales and marketing efforts and route leads more effectively by providing the geographic location of customers and prospects. In addition, with over 100 global Data Protection laws, such as GDPR, currently in existence, knowing your customer’s location is the first step to being compliant with these rules and regulations.


> Is DOTSAddressDetectiveInternational Deprecated?

It appears there are some versions of DOTSAddressDetectiveInternational that are deprecated.

> What is the deprecation date for the latest version of DOTSAddressDetectiveInternational?

The latest version of DOTSAddressDetectiveInternational was released on Dec 5, 2018, and it is now deprecated.

> What does deprecated mean?

Deprecated means that the package was either marked as deprecated on the package registry, or that the source code repository for the package was archived.