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Latest version published about 1 year ago
0.0.13Mar 22, 2023
Mar 22, 2023
about 1 year ago

Last updated on 19 January-2024, at 02:32 (UTC).

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The NuGet package "CBiP.FileHandler" is a powerful and efficient solution for handling file saving and path map operations in .NET Core 7 applications. The package includes one main class: "FileHandler". The "FileHandler" class provides methods for saving data to files on disk and mapping relative path to a absolute path.


> Is CBiP.FileHandler Deprecated?

It appears there are some versions of CBiP.FileHandler that are deprecated.

> What is the deprecation date for the latest version of CBiP.FileHandler?

The latest version of CBiP.FileHandler was released on Mar 22, 2023, and it is now deprecated.

> What does deprecated mean?

Deprecated means that the package was either marked as deprecated on the package registry, or that the source code repository for the package was archived.